I love Yubiso. Really, there are a lot of great products there.

But what landed me a stank was the fact that I bought a fake product that I will no longer use. So you see, I’ve been wanting to try out that one facial cleanser they had in ECM’s Yubiso outlet and I bought one for RM10, failing to realise the lack of other products of its variety was foreshadowing the aftermath.

I was so excited, so pumped to finally try the cleanser and have been using it for a few days (admittedly, a week) but now, I’ve realised my error.

When I searched it up online to look for reviews as I would usually do with products (unfortunately, not before I bought it), I found out that genuine product was called SCENTIO and not just Milk Plus. And there’s a lengthier description at the front and not in Mandarin.

I had my doubts before, but today just confirmed it. I mean, what the actual… ahem. A Queen must not resort to profanity.

Here is the example photo of SCENTIO’S genuine product, courtesy of Wanderstyler.


The front


The back

And here is the product that I ended up with;

front, back


You see the kind of mistake I did? Do not follow suit. I repeat, it may contain dangerous chemicals that I now starting to see on my usually, flawless and healthy skin. Please do not buy the product.

As for me, lesson learned… now I need a real product. NANO WHITE, a friend I’ve been counting on before I turned to this false beauty product.

If I can return this product and get my money back, please tell me. Or sue the store for letting me even buy the cursed thing.

And shame on me for letting my pride overtake my sense of self-righteousness.

Rise of the Heir


Being a single black lion is never easy when you’re surrounded by “pride members” with questionable morals.

And if you are a struggling student to step up like Leonardo Hamato, I am here for you so that we may all rise against our personal threats. And as an aspiring leader myself, I shall write about my experiences whenever I take a step further than I think I should have.

You may call me the Queen. Not that I am in actuality, but because you can work your leadership and confidence with names that hold powerful meanings.

And despite my young age, I’ve always wanted to become a leader. Even since I was in primary school, as a first-year. But it is never easy to just say it, the hard part for me is to just do it.

And I always hesitate or back down, which makes me feel even terrible when I think back about it.

After all, I do not have a strong or good relationship with my classmates. While we are not against each other, but they have questionable attributes that puts monkeys to shame.

They are loud, rambunctious and ready to roll any authority over. Not just me, but the teachers too. Apparently, every class is like this save for some.

Class A. 

I have friends in there and in comparison to them and our Class, it is pretty horrible to live through every day. Shall we break down the issues in my class? We shall, yes.

  • The Wanderer
  • The Hyenas
  • The Scar
  • Hyperactive Foal

We will learn about these characters soon.

We will now talk about my progress as a “leader” albeit not offical… anymore.

A few days ago, I have scolded those pride members for not paying attention to my group as we were doing our presentation. Everyone was surprised, but I was not having any of it.

They lacked respect. I want to try leading them myself, and try instill respect into those oafs, but I hesitate. I need a crutch but no one wants to be mine.

So what option do I have than to become my own crutch? Miserable, but oh well. It isn’t like I have a relationship with them. It’s just always “off and on”.


I always try to make myself better and try to have myself stand up, but it feels like a huge wave that would crash on me if I even open my mouth.


Because they are oafs. It feels like I would only be commanding a deaf mule to carry some weight. If I tell them to shut up, they will only for a bit. And I do not know how to deal with that. They are the reason why I feel so incapable of leading.

They make me feel lazy to even look at them. That is how bad they are. And they often gain complaints from teachers.

Macam mana mahu mendapat rahmat begitu?

They say to change the world, we must change ourselves. And to be a Queen, I must instill control.

How do I do that?

By taking action. And that is what I will do and force myself to do.

Now if you will excuse me, I must come clean to my teacher about my desire even if it is almost the end of the year.

I bid you all adieu.